Student Program

Student Program

Student Award
Authors who chose “Yes” for the question “I am eligible to join Student Paper Contest” in the Abstract Form will have their papers and presentations evaluated by senior professors/experts. Excellent student authors will receive awards from companies/organizations who want to encourage young scientists.

Student Awards were given to the following papers.

Longze Chen (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Ground displacement detection by aerial-photographs-based DSM of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes

Arliandy P.  Arbad (The University of Tokyo)
Comparison SBAS-InSAR and TimeFun-InSAR Algorithm to Investigate Time-Series Land Deformation at Mt. Bromo Indonesia

Bungo Nishio (Nagoya University)
Inter calibration of Radiance Calibrated Nighttime Lights and Quantification of urban dynamics in Southeast Asia

Yuta Izumi (Chiba University)
Ground-based Circularly Polarized SAR Capability to a Rice Phenology Monitoring

Jamrud Aminuddin (Chiba University)
Development of LED-DOAS system for observing aerosol extinction near the ground level

Mario Rodriguez (The University of Tokyo)
Construction of 3D Structures from Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Data

Ting-Fang Chiu (National Taiwan University)
Performance Comparison of Canny and Edge Drawing Operators in Edge Detection and Matching

Dongok Kim (Seoul National University)
A Soil Moisture Estimation Algorithm Using Combination of SAR and TIRS Sensors

Deng-Jie Jhan (National Taiwan University)
Detection and Positioning of Moving Objects using Surveillance Cameras

Young Scholars’ Night
In order to facilitate for developing personal relationship as early as possible, a social event for graduate students and young scholars will be arranged in the evening of May 18, 2017. It is going to be a great opportunity to meet young people from different countries, and to exchange your experiences that will be good for your future career.